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While talking with podcasts hosts I noticed they where having a hard time finding good guests to have on their shows. There are plenty of good people to have on, but suggestions where coming in thru email, Twitter, Facebook and in real life meetings with people. This made it very hard to track all the suggestions, and decide which people to reach out too. Suggest a Guest hopes to solve this problem, but creating a centralized place where people can suggest guests for all the podcasts they listen too. A voting mechanism will help hosts prioritize which guests to invite.
@mubashariqbal great idea mubs and sure podcast hosts will really appreciate it! You are absolutely killing it with the products you are making recently! Keep it up!
Mubs you are a machine! :-)
@bramk @danielkempe Thanks for the "motivation" yesterday :)
Just seen this! Absolutely love the idea!
Super efficient.
@mubashariqbal you are a rock star. I definitely need this!
@stevepyoung Awesome, would love to hear your thoughts on features and future updates :)