Succulent Surprise

Super succies in tiny tumblers 🌱🌵🌱

Succulent Surprise is a one product ecommerce site, shipping super succulents direct to your door!

Succulents > Roses cc @suzywillow
If you'd like to know more about the project, we've done a little write up on what we learned by building a one product ecommerce site 💕
@smcdoyle @startuple Nice write up, love the 'arrow up on the box' ;) lol This is a very cool project and one from which I am sure you learned quite a bit... but a perfect example of something that for once shouldn't be done as an online business [nothing against you guys of course] but I can walk over to my local [no big brand/box] retail gardening center and get a succulent with a dish for almost 1/2 the price... [and this is in San Francisco - i.e. an expensive city]
@exlemor Fair comment - it's certainly not the cheapest way to buy. Most of our orders are gifts, though, so half the fun is the surprise! 🎉 😉
@smcdoyle I would agree with the surprise... ;) On a similar but different point relating to gifts - whoever made it that only women get flowers as gifts = boo :/ Many of us guys like receiving flowers too :p lol
@exlemor Here, some flowers for you 🌷🌷🌷
@smcdoyle awww, a beautiful girl sent me flowers... (rofl) Thanks, you made my day.