Experience the sensation of flying under water

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Pieter Walraven
Pieter WalravenHunter@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
I want one!
Jonathan Tzou
Jonathan Tzou@jtzou · Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
** boat sold separately.
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Badass concept. Looks like a lot of fun, but doesn't seem like the flying experience would last that long with the average lung capacity. Obviously strapping a tank to your back would ruin things, but I wonder how popping up to the surface for air every 30-60 seconds would alter the overall experience. Also, shark bait.
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Hunter. Location-based data addict.
This looks so cool!