Save 6-10% on your bill at 70+ chains & restaurants

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Thanks for the hunt @bramk! This is Doug, cofounder of Subtotal. If you enjoy eating out but care about saving money, you probably know that you can save a significant amount by purchasing a discounted gift card from Costco, eBay, etc. The problem is you always end up with too much or too little value on the card, or even worse you end up buying one and never eating at the restaurant! We were frustrated with having to choose between savings and convenience, so we built Subtotal. Subtotal lets you buy a gift card for the exact amount of your bill total at the end of the meal. One week later, you automatically receive 6-10% cash back on your credit card statement. It's the easiest way to save a significant amount of money when eating out at a chain restaurant. We've been hard at work on Subtotal for a while now, and we're extremely grateful for our 60+ restaurant partners who have agreed that you shouldn't have to choose between eating out and saving up. We'd love to hear your feedback on Subtotal (positive or negative), and any thoughts you have about how we can better help you save money while eating out.
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@dougfeig do your app get sku level data (example the customer bought a budweiser with his meal)?
@richmasterson Not currently, but we likely will soon. It will facilitate some new features we're working on (like bill splitting).
@dougfeig @bramk Such a smart idea! I think you have found a great way to remove friction from this process. Good luck and excited to see what comes next!
Hey all, cofounder of Subtotal here. We're constantly working with brands to get our discounts raised, and so some of the actual discounts in the app are higher than the ones you see in the screenshots!
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Scratch your own itch.. You guys were on to something big here. By being the largest online gift cards buyer, it makes a lot of sense and easy for the users too! well done Doug & Max
Do you guys make money?
@choi_kl Currently we pass all of the savings on to the user.
Great idea. Can't wait to try. Downloaded ⬇