Subtitles for Theatre

Mac app for creating surtitles in theatre and opera

Hey hunters, "surtitles" are subtitles shown in theatre shows and opera. Its key goal is to increase accessibility of performances, mainly for foreign speakers and visitors with reduced hearing. This app not only resolves the pain of creating and translating surtitles, but also allows screen subtitles (also) into mobile devices. Screening to projection can be adjusted in multiple different ways (colors, fonts, positions, ...). Main competitive solution now is PowerPoint. I'd be glad for your suggestions and recommendations. Thanks! ;]
@mirapod hey Mira, first up, I love Subtitles for theatre. At this time we use Powerpoint to subtitle our plays, so your app is something we will test as a replacement candidate. Just few things which I'd like to know: 1) Importing scripts from other format than txt - ppt, docx, fountain,... Are you planning anything like that? 2) Is it possible to screen to any augmented/VR device? Thank you for this app, we'll test it now.
@umskup Hey UMSKUP, thank you. 1. The import is possible in .fountain format as well (it's automatic, unless the .txt). Just wait few days for next release. 2. Basically, yes, but there is no augmented functionality, yet. Sofar, you may try the surtitle screener app for iOS - If you'd like to try extended trial (with full screening) for your theatre, drop me a line at
In case you'd need help or answer -
This looks fantastic. Already looks feature rich but I can see many improvements coming about. Very rare to see anything on PH touching my theatre world. I don't think anyone uses anything but PowerPoint right now. I'd be curious to see what the big opera companies in the US us (wouldn't be surprised if just PPT). I suppose you could use QLab but that would probably take 3 weeks. Any possibility of implementing MIDI Notes/Show Control or OSC in the future? I can see this being useful in connection with a video switcher, who knows what else.
@wesleyforlines Thank you Wesley, support for MIDI or OSC is something I'd like to add in future. Also, I'd like to add: - translating services (send script, pay fee for translation service, wait, then you'll get translated surtitles straight away) - support for machine translation (for festivals and one-time shots) - support for projection dimmers (to dim the projection within the app) - support for screening to LED displays - more automatic import options (maybe CELTX support)
Subtitles for theatre was created as a PowerPoint replacement (for surtitle screening). This solution offers higer flexibility for creation, translating and screening of the surtitles. The mobile screening is importand addition for exterior stages, for remote screening and for cases when screening is made only for small amount of visitors.
Everything is subscription now...