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Subsrv for Reddit is a site that lets you browse multiple subreddits at once. While Reddit combines your subreddits into one list, Subsrv keeps each subreddit separate and loads it fully. This allows better browsing with more control.

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Jim Yagmin
Founder at AddressBooking
Hey all, Thanks for trying Subsrv (read: Subserve) for Reddit. This is a tool for making collections of subreddits you can read all on one page. It's a simple idea, but a great way to find new subreddits and quickly explore topics with ease. My favorite feature is the subpacks page, which let's you browse the best user-submitted collections: Some favorite pages to explore: - In-depth discussions and explanations: - Over 20 news subs: - Big collection for word lovers: - Many pictures of nature, together: - Every NFL team: Let me know what you think, and share your subpacks on