Easily manage your regular expenses

Nowadays we have so many subscriptions. We pay monthly for Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and many more, but how much do you actually spend?
With this free app, you can easily keep track of your regular expenses, and never miss a payment anymore.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
As a student, I have to pay attention to my expenses, although I have not realized how much I actually pay monthly for a variety of services. Then I missed a notice period and had to pay unnecessarily for a year. So I thought to myself, I need such an app. And there it is :) Completely free and without ads

Great app to manage my subscriptions


Really nice layout and UI



Are there plans for iOS version? I was looking for something like that
@kash__x As I am only a student I would need at least a MacBook to develop an iOS App, which is a bit expensive. So I have to admit that there are no plans for an iOS version right now.
@kash__x Check out Bobby, it's pretty similar to this app but for iOS:
Does this allow you the ability to cancel subscriptions? Is that on the roadmap?
If you could do this for email subscriptions with automatic unsubscribe or send straight to trash I'd easily pay $20 to use it. Slick design and good concept!