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What your pod looks like with subscription rev vs. ad rev

See how audience size, Ad CPM, and subscription conversion could look with your podcast.
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it’s actually a really interesting conversation, and one you don’t see enough of. i know a few places - like ben thompson’s stratechery - that use a podcast as an add-on for subscribers. they offer their content in written format, and if you subscribe, you also get the podcast. there’s a whole ‘medium is the message’ conversation to be had around this, and i’m skeptical in general of just changing a business model without changing the content. i don’t know too much about making money from an exclusive podcast, but there are obviously companies that do it well. Luminary obviously being the leaders here. P.s. I found the UI of your page a little confusing - and are two examples of websites that demonstrate the value prop in a quite intuitive way!
What are your thoughts on Subscription vs. Ad. models for podcasts? Newsletter paid subscriptions have been vibrant and podcasts are slowly catching on. *note my Ad CPM numbers are very general so you can play with the number of Ads per show to get to a comparable Ad spend on your show.
@rjforgeon I'm impressed you were able to build this on Carrd. If I may, what other tools were used for the calculation part?
@treyfranciscohhh thanks Trey! Just embedded code
I love the concept of demonstrating the potential value of a subscription business to podcast creators. It's certainly a departure from the traditional, ad-supported model so requires something this like interactive tool to illustrate the benefits. I'd love to see this evolve into an extensive resource for podcast hosts looking to learn about the subscription model -- tools, customer retention guides etc.