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Great tool to manage a niche problem. Only on Android though... Nice clean design though, which, for some reason, I think of as rare on Android apps. I'd love to see online banking organized more like this - with analytics on spending behavior & recommendations on alternates for each subscription based on price, or other values (environmental, disruptive tech, wider offering, more specific services, etc.)...
Hello. I'm the developer. I used to spend quite a bit of time on managing my subscriptions and using old pen-paper way, so to automate this whole cumbersome process I made this! With a simple and intuitive UI, adding subscriptions is very easy. You can choose from the popular services or add a custom subscription. With monthly/weekly/bi-monthly and many other subscription cycles, you can easily track payments at the micro level. Subscribly also notifies you when a bill is due, so you'll never have to deal with the sudden expiration of services and late fees. Also it helps you to plan your expenditures so, you know which subscriptions are no longer required and need to be terminated. Happy to hear your feedback on this :) !
The logo might almost be too epic
@rueter Glad you liked it. Do try the app as well :) !
Awesome idea. I have so many $_.99 /mo subscriptions these days that I kind of let things slide. Look forward to giving this a go! Your app doesn't require a subscription though right?! :)
@kingliv_ Hey thanks Louis! Absolutely, it's completely free. Feel free to explore, waiting for your feedback :) !
Much needed app. Clean minimal UI. Glad to install an app that didn't need extra permissions :) Looking forward to using it thoroughly.