Subs 2.0

One app to rule all subscriptions

Subs is a handy iOS app to control your subs. πŸ’Έ
You can gather all your subs in one app, control their costs and receive payment notifications. And you can monitor your sub trial period and turn it off on time if you don't want to pay the money! ⏰
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πŸ‘‹ Hello Product Hunters! I’m Vladimir, maker Subs, subscriptions tracker app. Meet Subs 2.0 of the best subscription control app! I took into account the comments and suggestions of the first users and made it even better. The current reality is that each of us has many subscriptions to different services now. Streaming movies, TV shows, music, games, our favorite apps with a subscription. I've created an app where you can gather all your subscriptions together, keep track of their costs, and get notifications about the next payment in advance. How often have you had a trial period of a subscription, used it. But in the end you didn't like the service, and you forgot to cancel the subscription and spent the money, sometimes not small? This will not happen again! In Subs, if you specify that your subscription has a trial period, then 1 day before the payment you will receive a notification and can unsubscribe in time. Cool! In addition, you can add regular payments to Subs, such as payment for your apartment, internet, mobile phone, support for your favorite podcast on the Patreon. And a nice chart will show you how much you spend on subscriptions every month. Subs has become a handy tool for me and I really hope you like it too! 😍 I will be happy to receive any feedback and suggestions on how to make Subs the best tool to control your subscriptions. πŸ“² And bonus. Free Premium promo codes to first 10 number of people who made a comment. ⬇
Hey, there's a few of these apps out there, check out trackmysubs to get the good parts out of it. I love the freedom of you being able to add your own subscriptions/ alerts without really connecting banks. This could eventually evolve to a setapp model.
@danirogerc Thank you for your feedback! I'll watch it. Tweet me to get a promo code πŸ™‚
Just downloaded!
@lexiiiiiii Thank you! I hope that you all like it! πŸ˜‰ Tweet me to get the promo code!
Cool, I was actually just looking for an app like this! I'll give this a try for sure.
@ankvitiusdesign thanks! Please tweet me to get the promo code πŸ™‚
Hi. Cool - does it work internationally?
@ichillidesign Hi! The app is available worldwide, but the localization is still only for English and Russian. If you need to add some local country specific subscriptions you can write me and I will add templates. Tweet me to get the promo code. πŸ™‚