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Visual map of the top 50,000 subreddits by similarity

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Nicolas Grenié
@picsoung · Developer Evangelist, 3scale.net
You should add NSFW tags to NSFW subreddits... I am all about discovering new things but don't want to end up in weird places of the Internet without being warned.
Joe Farish
@joefarish · @joefarish
Explanation of the model here: https://github.com/cole-maclean/...
@koya_io · I made some colour thing
I'm having NSFW subreddits that are on the space of very SFW subreddits
Ivan Kirigin
@ikirigin · CEO, YesGraph
No measure of size and audience overlap. No ontology of topics to have some logical organization.
Manindra Majumdar
@manindrax · CEO at GoFind / AI for Shopping
Did you use any data visualization tool?