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#2 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2018

Submit Checklist is a checklist of over 100 directories to submit your startup.

  • Hendrik Haandrikman
    Hendrik HaandrikmanVP of Growth, Bitrise

    It's a list disguised as a product


    It's a list disguised as a product

    It's a list disguised as a product, but a really handy list that you can just check off right there, without the need to copy it to wherever you track these kinds of things.

    Hendrik Haandrikman has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Very nicely organized!



    Great reference list to be able to come back to and update.

    Chris Blackwell has used this product for one day.
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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I think if a startup is lazy enough to not submit themselves to these things, they likely won't get very far. It's against Product Hunt terms to charge people to submit their startup...Also, would this end up like other submission-lists? Bad for SEO, can flag spam, don't a lot of these rely on having good reputation? I do like this as an online checklist though! That's useful :)
Serhad iletir
Serhad iletirMaker@serhat_iletir
@bentossell We do not charge for submitting PH. We charge for a time-consuming task. The reason I build Submit Checklist is that create a feedback generator. For this reason, the sending process takes a month. I glad to like the list. Bookmark it. Most of the place welcome your product.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@serhat_iletir Charing for time-consuming tasks, including posting to PH, still counts as paying for a PH post to be honest. Other products had similar issues: and I'd focus on the checklist, and look for premium features on top of that. Not the pay-to-post model. It's never that great of a 'product' no matter if people do actually pay for it.
Kieran Parker
Kieran Parker@kieranparker77 · Product Designer, Maker, indie hacker
@bentossell any tips/favourite places to share a product other than the mainstream (IH, PH, etc)? Or, a way to build a bit of a name for yourself (such as you have) without feeling you are just shouting into the void?
HLonare@hlonare · Lonare
Hi I have recently started a marketplace for content distribution. Its called iDistribute you can have a look at it on producthunt: do you think your service could benefit me in any ways?
Serhad iletir
Serhad iletirMaker@serhat_iletir
@hlonare I reached you on PH message. First time I use this feature. It's exciting.
John Young
John Young@johnyoung1985 · Founder,
Hey @serhat_iletir very nice list. My question is - does your paid submission actually work? I have seen countless services like this, but most of the time it seems like a waste of resources. How is yours better?
Serhad iletir
Serhad iletirMaker@serhat_iletir
Hi @johnyoung1985 🖐️, You pay me for the submission process. The true question: Is it useful to send this list? Look at the list and decide yourself. But as an old filmmaker says, you can make a bad movie with a good scenario, but you can not make a good movie with a bad scenario. So, how we make the sending process more efficient. Firstly it takes a month. Sending all this place in a day impossible. Each community is unique. We can not reach everybody in the same way. Please reach me for the more specific questions
Hendrik Haandrikman
Hendrik Haandrikman@hhaandr · VP of Growth, Bitrise
Tbh, I was ready to dismiss this as a 'list disguised as a product', but this is actually pretty helpful. Knew of most, but the additional insights plus the fact that it's a list where I can check off items is handy. Thanks!
dkb@dkb868 · CS @ UCLA | Indie Hacker 👨🏾‍💻
This is a solid list, thanks! Though I wonder if making it easier to essentially spam these websites will reduce their overall effectiveness for everyone. Seems the best way to market a new product is to figure out the few niche communities that would really like it. If you had a niche community marketing checklist, that would be really useful. (e.g A fitness app launch checklist).
Serhad iletir
Serhad iletirMaker@serhat_iletir
@dbrereton It's a great idea. What's our niche? I would like to start building a new checklist with yours.