Swipe right to join rec sports games nearby

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Very cool and innovative. I use it all the time to find pick up basketball games.
@eric_barvin Thanks Eric! We're glad you like it.
Love this. Keep up the good work guys!
Is this limited to certain cities?
@tomcharde Hey Tom! Yes, we are currently limited to certain cities. We actively support Chicago and San Diego, where most of users live. We just launched in Austin and the next places we will grow are LA, Orange County, New York, Dallas, Houston and the Bay Area. We prioritize supporting new areas based on user demand. The app can be used anywhere, but since it requires a steady supply of both games and subs, we try to go into markets with league partners. We're also working on partnerships with several national sports associations and league operators. More to come soon. We're always looking for teams and leagues to use the app and are happy to support Subme ambassadors with rewards and credits towards league fees. Reach out to for more info. Let us know if you want to organize games in Jacksonville!
We want to thank everyone for the exposure and kind words. We had over 2K installs yesterday in one city and hope to keep this momentum. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tell any friends who play rec sports about the app. Reach out us directly or to with any questions or feedback.
Good concept. But you probably shouldn't display people's age right next to their profile picture. That could be a major turnoff to a lot of users.
@khaliphj We appreciate the feedback! Since people "meet" on the app and then in real life, we try to surface enough information in a profile to make people comfortable that they are meeting a real, safe person. It's certainly a balancing act. We have not received any concerns about having age on the profile but we'll definitely keep it in mind.