Submarine Cable Map

Shows all underwater cables and who owns them

#1 Product of the DayJune 05, 2016
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This is still my favorite one, cyber attack map:
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@benln One of my favorites too!
@benln microsoft corporation seems to be the top attacker
@divraj @benln Why Microsoft is attacker? Is it true? What they are attacking?
°All is not correct, there are some military cables hidden. These are all the consumer cables 😄
score one for OSINT, huh?
Very cool! While we're posting faves, check this one out
I live just a few short miles from Porthcurno in the UK where a huge amount of the cables come in right under a most beautiful beach. It's also the place where Marconi did the first telegraph. They dug up the road at the end of ours to lay them down. The iron is that until recently we had terrible broadband.