Dive in and find subtitles online

Super-easy to use. Completely free. Just drag and drop a movie file onto Submarine and it will quickly find subtitles in your preferred language. Download or send the subtitles directly to Playr, Submerge or iSubtitle. Boom. Done.

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Cool idea, does it work with every language?
@aaronoleary Yes, it works with almost any language as far as I know.
@aaronoleary @jorgenisaksson I have the same question ;) Is this available for russian for example?
@aaronoleary @nadezhda_kos Yes, you can find subtitles in russian as well. Give it a spin. It's free ;-)
@jorgenisaksson I`ll do it for sure!! Thanks!!
@nadezhda_kos I added a new screenshot on this page so you can see a partial list of languages supported. There are many ;-)
Version 2.0.1 with some bug fixes just released. Just check for updates in the app under Preferences...
I wish this was a website! Like many others I'm hesitant to download apps on my laptop, but a simple website would make the barrier to entry much lower.
@alekplay I disagree. An app is better in every respect. Submarine is also notarized by Apple so you can be 100% sure it's without malware or suspicious code. Enjoy!
@alekplay In macOS Mojave for example you will see a dialog such as this one from Submarine if the app has been Notarized by Apple.
@jorgenisaksson Sure, I don't think you're spreading malware. I'm just saying the barrier to use is lower as a website. I for one would love to use this, but won't be downloading an app onto my laptop that has the sole purpose of finding subtitles for movies. I would however check it out, and maybe occasionally use, if it was a website.
@alekplay Well already has a website filled with ads and other weird stuff. You are of course free to use that instead ;-)
Congrats Jorgen - solid idea . Will definitely mention this to friends
Works great, but the "Buy me a coffee" pop-up is quite annoying and it keeps appearing every time you click "Download", even when you clicked "Don't ask me again"
@wsslstckfsch Sorry about that. Will fix that for the next version Thx for the heads up!
@wsslstckfsch Submarine 2.0.2 is now available and it will not ask you to donate again if you say so. Sorry! Just check for updates under Preferences inside the app.