A snappy UI, three-way merge tool, side-by-side diffs, syntax highlighting, and more.

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I love how the interface just makes sense
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Any way to only use its merge tool as git mergetool on macOS?
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@sepehr_lajevardi There have been some requests for this, however right now we are focusing our energy on making it work as a full git client, rather than having people use just the merge tool portion. We'd obviously love to have you try it out and tell us what you'd like to see changed, especially since we think we can add a fair amount of value as a general git client. That said, I do believe that someone has found a way to use it as a merge tool with some rough edges. I think they posted about it on the forum.
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Fantastic! Been looking for a new GUI for my Git workflow. Love (and use) Sublime Text for years.
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+1 for not using Electron.... Will give it a try for sure...
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Just wanted to give it a try. Sadly doesn't adapt to any UI scaling on Linux and therefor I can't read any text on my Laptop or Screen... Tried to set some values I know from Sublimetext, but sadly this software doesn't seem far enough yet. Would love to use it though.
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@kwiesmuller If you open `~/.config/sublime-merge/Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings` and enter `"dpi_scale": 2.0` and restart, that will override what it detects from GTK. On all platforms you can use the `ui_scale` setting to bump up the size of everything.
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@wbond That worked like a charm! Thanks a lot. Is Sublime Merge OpenSource/on GitHub?
@kwiesmuller No, Sublime Merge is a proprietary product and source code is not available. It was built on top of the foundations of Sublime Text, our other product, which is also closed source.
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