Subiz is a customer messaging platform

Subiz is a messaging platform for SME to interact with customers: Marketing inbound; sales; customer service.

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We love Subiz, thanks it for these benifits: • Improving the quality of customer service • Optimizing marketing strategy and actions • Enhance customer conversion rate • We could say hello to proactively approach to visitors, in real-time with many information: Name, city, pages view, campaign... • Capture lead that is so helpful for us to build leads. It is also a modern CRM to manage customers • Automation, that is another great feaure to send righ messages to right clients without doing any thing, and more • Message template help us to respond fast and professionaly. We could work more by them • It has the Ticket feature to enhance our support quality with SLA • Full report statistics interact with customers over time, agents, ticket, tags... • ....
Great customer messaging platform. Love Subiz!
I have use Subiz for agent team support client. Very fast execute for many request from client. Subiz help my team learn SLA for business service provide client happy. So, Subiz can develop feature integration for marketing help my team marketing growth!

I very like this product Subiz. Very easy use for my team!


Customer Messaging Platform


Learn SLA from many support with Subiz Team

it help us to interact to customers via across multi channels in one platform, included live chat, email, messenger... we do not need to manage many accounts.


Many benifits from: Visitor pages, Timeline, Capture lead, Automation, Message template, Segment, Ticket, full report statistics....


With Subiz App mobile, we could interact and support customers at any time, any where. But hope it is more powerful