Subcurrent HR

Simple recurring polls on Slack for employee engagement

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In my own companies, I've personally made many attempts at gathering feedback from the team. There's this pattern of a high engagement rate in the beginning where I've seen as high as 100% of the team participate, then it tapers down to less then 30%. By polling the team via Slack using a product like Subcurrent, I can imagine that participation rate staying quite a bit higher over time. That would be great!
@hnshah Thanks for posting Hiten! That's exactly the problem we're trying to solve - making feedback super simple and within the flow of your work so it doesn't feel like an extra task to get done
Subcurrent seems to be the best HR solution integrated with Slack. I've used this on my team for 2 months and learnt many deep insights about what my team thinks about our company's future. It is must-use for all decision makers. Congratz guys! Do you have any planned features to implement?
@yigitkonur Glad to hear you're finding value with our product! Over the short run, we'll be continuously making tweaks to make the experience even better for our users. Over the next couple of months, we're going to be adding some features to our analytics, especially for those power users that really want to geek out on the data. We're also currently experimenting with some features that will help engineering teams get more quantitative feedback on the products they're building (if this intrigues anyone, definitely hit me up!)
This is great! The integration with slack sealed the deal for us! Great Job!
@rrhoover I think @bmajz needs a M badge :)
@bmjaz this is a really awesome idea and execution, would love to hear the story behind Subcurrent and why focus so much on Slack. Thanks!
@liveink thanks! We got interested in this space after our experiences at both large companies and small ones, where we thought the team wasn't always on the same page as it scaled. Polls are an easy to way to aggregate feedback, but as @hnshah mentioned above it's hard to get engagement. We wanted to build a product that was within the typical workflow so it doesn't feel like an extra burden. Slack felt to us to be the workflow of the future after using it at our last company and that's why we went with it!
@bmajz @liveink that makes sense! What about other platforms outside of Slack? Ie. hipchat / telegram etc
@liveink definitely thinking about them and they would be a logical next step. We do currently work with plain ol' email, you can sign up here: