Create polls and instantly share them on Slack

Strawpoll for slack? Okay, not a bad idea, will have to try it out.
@sleinadsanoj thanks Jonas!
Really clever little Slack integration. Well done!
This is amazing!! Just integrated to our slack and am messing around.
@weinberg81 glad you like it! send us any feedback you've got!
EDIT: thought I'd update the thread since many asked for it - you can now poll private groups as well. Simply type /poll from within that channel/group to start a poll targeted at that group.
Hi @sommear, can I ask why do you require to log in with my Slack user name? (I mean, I have to give the API keys later anyway)
@mmariansky currently we use it to access the list of teams since people have wanted to post in private groups in addition to channels (which the bot should theoretically be able to access). Certainly considered moving that step back to the group selection stage, but it makes the flow somewhat funky.