Topic driven messaging app!

Subchat is an app that lets you find like minded people to message about the topics you love to talk about!

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There are soooo many different messaging apps 🙃 What makes this one unique, @donbytyqi?
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@amrith Subchat lets you connect seamlessly with people attached to the topics you want to talk about. This ideal is not original, but I feel like Subchat executes it’s differently than most other apps trying to do this.
It smells like a forum but should obviously not be called so - what is the users benefit, to discover people connected to topics and not just topics?
@llabball The app will let you discover new friends that have the same interests(topics) as you do.
@donbytyqi 🤔 It’s a dating app? 🤪 Sorry, just kidding. I would meet these people also when i would follow a topic. Why should i looking for them in the first place? What benefit do i have after i’ve build a roster of people with the same interests as mine?
One simple change, instead of strangers - make this for friends and original contacts.
@ajithimself That's a good idea, however the app's main concept is to find new friends that like to talk about ( or simply like) the same things you do (subjects/topics.)
@donbytyqi Got it, so it won't be a small change, it'll be a fundamental change. But I see great potential there compared to making friends through chat, and that's just my honest opinion. I mean look at how people communicate on twitter over topics/subjects that they have mutual love for and from the bottom of their hearts.