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#5 Product of the DayNovember 22, 2015
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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
So @shlominissan - what big updates have happened since the last launch 8 months ago?? From the previous launch, what were the biggest areas of feedback and how did you implement them? What have been the biggest challenges in the last 8 months?
Shlomi NissanMaker@shlominissan · Founder at Betamark
Hi @bentossell, Subbscribe v1 was previously listed on Product Hunt as a jQuery plugin that required some Javascript voodoo, but the new version includes a web interface, twitter login, embed snippets and colour themes. The biggest challenge was Subbscribe being a jQuery plugin to begin with. Many people who wanted to install it on their website, didn’t know how to do so. At first, I wasn’t planning on building a web interface for it, but rather update the plugin regularly. After many emails requesting help with installing it (months after it was originally launched on PH) I decided to turn it into a mini-product with a web interface that will be more accessible to people with no coding skills. And thus, version 2 was born :)
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
@shlominissan What the pricing ?
Shlomi NissanMaker@shlominissan · Founder at Betamark
@alimirza2k @shlominissan No pricing :) It’s a free and I’ve got no plans to monetise it.
Maximilian Hennebach@maxlabsde · UX Designer & some other cool job names
Can't sign in with Twitter right now?! :O I just get redirected to the landing page.
Shlomi NissanMaker@shlominissan · Founder at Betamark
@maxlabsde There’s a bug with Twitter sign in. Working on it right now... Sorry :(
Shlomi NissanMaker@shlominissan · Founder at Betamark
@maxlabsde It should be working fine now. You might have to clear your cache. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
AlexSalkever@alexsalkever · Head of Product Marketing/BD,
@shlominissan - why no plans to monetize? (I voted for you based solely on that comment, among others). And how does it compare to some of the paid versions? Tnx!
Shlomi NissanMaker@shlominissan · Founder at Betamark
If anyone experienced problems with the Twitter login, it should be working fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience.