Luxury wallet that can store your cash, cards and keys

#1 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2018

Sauve is the Last Wallet You'll Need. Keep your cards, cash, coins, key, memory card, SIM (and SIM pin) all in one place.

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Hey Hunters, We’re Filippo Morato, a luxury design company based out of London, UK. We’re on a mission to make the world most functional wallet from the world’s finest leather. Made from Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, the Suave Wallet is a versatile carrier for your cards, cash, coins, key, memory card, SIM card and SIM pin. With over 40 things it stores and over 14 compartments, you’ll never need another place to store your things again! This is our first leather campaign on Kickstarter so please let us know how we’re doing.
@jonasalmut I might be ignorant, but can you explain a £4k goal, selling a product with a video that cost more than 4k to make? What do you need the funding for? The trend for any wearable at the moment seems to be efficient, minimal and slim. This is especially important when wearing a fitted suit, which seems to be your target. Orbit key, cardholder/money clip and a slim phone are the solutions for this. Why did you decide to go down this route? If you need to carry over 40 things, isn't the solution to looking suave a small bag? I don't mean this to come off as critical, just curious.
@rdlou The point of this was to combine everything into one wallet that was a little slimmer than your regular wallet. If the idea is to go for a minimal design then surely something that combines everything into one piece that’s smaller than your regular wallet is the way to go. Sometimes all you want to take care of is one piece and not a whole bunch of products that do mediocre jobs.
How did you make the leather from vegetables?
@aaronsugden Made me laugh, but I had to look it up cause I had never heard of vegetable tanned leather.
How much will you retail this for?
@sammybell1 Not sure at the moment. We’re giving our customers the best price at the moment as our manufacturers give us a break on our first order. We’ll only find out what the new price is after the original order is placed.
Such an awesome wallet, is it possible for me to pay more and get it sooner, I actually need a wallet right now and I’m very impatient
@joecarter4 At the moment it won’t be possible purely due to the fact we don’t have any available for you to buy. Feel free to jump in, its only a few short months
What kind of leather is this wallet made from?
@eddiewade it's made from Vegetable Tanned Leather, procured from Italy. It's the finest leather available that also darkens beautifully overtime.