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Stylus is a fork of Stylish that can be used to redesign the web. The objective in creating Stylus was to remove any and all analytics, and return to a more user-friendly UI. This is why we named the extension with an "us" ending, as in the actual users.

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Rob Garrison
Hey Product Hunters! We didn't create this extension, but we're a team of open-source developers that are constantly tweaking and improving this product. The original developer of the Stylish extension stopped working on this project at version 1.5.2. We copied that code and have since added many improvements. We removed a lot too... there is no analytics, telemetry or data-collection included because we feel that our privacy is important. So important that we renamed the product with an "us" ending. Stylus. Join us in restyling the web.
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Scott Bowler
@wowmottie Great to see you continuing this project - hope the PH launch goes well :)
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@wowmottie I appreciate this plugin very much. Thank you!
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