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More than a year ago I posted Orée on Product Hunt ( because I really appreciate the quality of their products. They are now launching a new product, a connected pen. No wood this time but copper, which is really nice. So, I've seen other "connected" pens launching these past few weeks. What do you think about this guys? Do you see yourself using one of those? 📝
@syswarren This looks very awesome! The price point was a bit more than I was expecting, but I feel like it may be worth it.
Hello Product Hunt community, I'm co-founder of Orée. I'm happy to address any question you have about our latest product, the Stylograph
@juliensalanave Does the Stylograph sync with Evernote?
@slanoue Evernote integration is planned for the third application release due in January 2016
Just to give you a bit of background on the why of the product. There have been smart pens out there for a while but none of them have really caught on. We feel that this is in part due to performance issues and to a look & feel not consistent with the audiences most likely to use such products. So we created the Stylograph with an emphasis on improving three aspects: 1. Performance: we have worked on significantly improving the handwriting capture and recognition compared to existing solutions by incorporating a high frequency micro camera and triangulating the paper micro-pattern recognition with pen movement and angle measured by an embedded accelerometer. This offers a very consistent and reliable writing capture experience. 2. Look & feel: All this performance is packed in a tight 12mm external diameter body which makes the Stylograph the slimmest smart pen out there. But as (and perhaps more) importantly, we have put tremendous emphasis on the product design with uncompromising attention to details such as grip, ink and paper quality....So that users don't feel they are using a technology "stylus" but a best-in class pen on best-in class stationery. We also have a pretty ambitious roadmap for adding digital features on the companion mobile app over the next year and have designed a framework to facilitate integration with 3rd party services over an API so we think the evolvability of the tool will also (hopefully) make it compelling.