Restyle the web with custom CSS

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After Stylish was sold at the beginning of 2017, the new owners partnered with a marketing and website traffic company. After looking at the updated code and found extensive tracking of their users, I quit using the plugin completely. See I switched to using Stylus (; they aren't interested in my surfing habits at all.


Restyle the web


Extensive analytics and tracking of their users

I love using this to hide things I don't want to see like Facebook's "trending news" section. It's always a huge time-sink for me but now it's all gone! Screenshot of my CSS code. You can find this in Chrome Extensions > Stylish > Options > Write New Style
I'm using the Stylebot extension for the same purpose. Once you started, you can't go back to un-tweaking frequently used websites...
This is great, it was on my list of things to make
Tons of premade user styles