UI framework for OSX

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Maxim Ananov
Distraction Dimmer •
I've browsed through the links for a few minutes and I'm still not sure I get what this is for. The samples look like a mix of Mavericks and Yosemite styles. If I'd used such styling in an app it would immediately look dated or out of place.
André J
Swift dev @
@pointum Yes, mix of both at the moment, sorry about that. I'm going fast and breaking things on the way. Will be all El Capitan in a week or so. With StyleKit you can code all your UI components with pure swift code. And then you supply .css and .svg files to change the look. Should work in XCode playground as well. The point of StyleKit is to be able to code all UI in .swift and use design files from apps like illustrator or sketch. If you want to make an app in Material design then you can.