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Look and feel amazing - always! With the help of Style Squad, you can always get a second opinion on your outfits and potential purchases. Simply post your photos, ask a question, and get crowdsourced community fashion feedback and style advice whenever you need it!

Michael Anthony Dimore
Cary Ciccone
  • Michael Anthony Dimore
    Michael Anthony DimoreSoftware Developer

    Valuable style feedback


    Not supported on android

    It’s handy to quickly post an outfit and get responsive honest feedback. App is well designed and built, haven’t had a crash or issue yet.

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Scott Hanlon
Scott HanlonMaker@scott_hanlon
For me choosing the right outfit was always difficult… As a single guy living in a one bedroom apartment, fashion advice was never easy to come by. It was only after meeting my future Co-Founder Jolene that a path towards solving this issue came to light. Jolene and I come from different backgrounds - Jolene has extensive experience in the fashion industry and I have experience in the tech industry. We first met at a tech conference in Orlando called OrlandoiX in 2015 and since then have been working together on Style Squad. It took a lot of meetings, time, and over the top effort to get where we are today. Our first concept had swipe based navigation and UI (LOL), which taught us a few lessons about UX and UI. Our second concept is what you see today in the store, removing the swiping navigation and most of what we thought were the MVP features. Jolene and I have been working very hard over the past year to deliver our users with an experience and product that they can believe in. Style Squad allows users to receive instant and unbiased outfit feedback to make sure everyone looks their best. Style Squad is something that means more than the world to us and we are very excited to share it with you tonight and hear your feedback. Scott