AI powered filters for images & video, runs locally on OS X

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Ben Slaney
@benedictslaney · Programmer, MacDaddy
Here's another gif example (keep watching, this loops through some good styles & some that dont work well for this particular image. Some styles need higher resolution images to work with) http://imgur.com/VQ68pb4.gifv


Ben Slaney
@benedictslaney · Programmer, MacDaddy
Style is currently the only artistic style transfer app which runs locally for its neural net based filters (Prisma still cannot run its best filters locally despite the offline mode announcement), and which can work with high resolution images & videos. It is only just barely possible now to do this on a laptop sized machine, it's not quite feasible on … See more
Robert Alexander
@rjalex · Polymath
Very very cool! :-) Thanks for sharing.
Sanem Avcil
@sanemavcil · Augmented & Virtual Reality Influencer
Adam Schwartz
@adamfschwartz · Founder, Eager
This is truly amazing. Thank you @benedictslaney.
Noah Henscheid
@noahhenscheid · Freelance Digital Creative
Awesome to see this on a desktop. My biggest like-to-see for the next major version is perhaps the ability to choose a scratch disk. Nevertheless, it's very sweet. Peep a montage of my profile pic here: http://bit.ly/2c6PK7r