Honest but kind outfit advice

STYL empowers everyone to Dress Confidently, Together with honest but kind outfit advice, when you need it, via real people in an aesthetically unfiltered way.
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"STYL is designed to complement your life, add confidence to your style, and time to your day while helping form healthy online habits. STYL’s design and user experience is derived from empathic research the founders have poured over to understand how to help. STYL focuses on the emotions we experience when we’re uncertain and when we experience the anxiousness of asking others for help. From what to wear to work or to workout, from special occasions, and date nights to family gatherings, life moments or simply closet cleaning, there’s a trigger to the question that on the app begins with “The ASK”. The ASK, STYL’s terminology for your question, is prominently displayed for 3 seconds before your image is revealed. This methodology ensures people understand and evaluate what you're asking before viewing your image so they can focus and provide helpful advice. Images are encouraged to be unfiltered and focus on the question at hand. Poster’s receive private demographic feedback based on several data points from the respondents. The posts disappear from the users feed after interacting with it, there’s no need to scroll infinitely, and users can put their devices down with a sense of compassion for helping others make their decisions too. Snap a pic, make an ASK in an honest and unfiltered way, and see what the community says. This isn’t vanity, it’s reality. Be honest. Be kind."
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Hi Everyone! We’re incredibly excited to be on Product Hunt today and we extend our greatest appreciation to @nikkielizdemere for hunting us! My co-founder @krissy_lloyd and I wanted to design an app that felt honest, yet kind. We wanted to create a place that provides valuable outfit advice when you need it, without the filtered images and snark of social media. STYL’s journey began with the emotional indecision of buying or investing in a pair of shoes. We’ve all been there, standing in an aisle looking at an item that, at the time were an investment we weren’t sure about and froze up a bit. Should I buy it, wear it, ditch it or keep it have all run through our heads at any given moment every day. STYL alleviates the hesitancy and anxiety associated with asking for outfit advice. STYL was developed so that everyone can feel comfortable asking for advice and receive actionable responses that help them make confident decisions in an easy way in a dashboard that’s easy to understand. The data you get back from your post is meant to offer you tools to make a confident decision. In honor of launching on Product Hunt we’re offering a chance to enter a contest to win a special article of clothing! Tap the Rewards section located in STYL’s main menu, and exchange 10 points to enter. Points are accumulated for making an ASK, providing advice, and commenting on an ASK.
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I really like how you respect each individuals privacy by not showing the advice that others offered. Not only would this make me feel more secure about asking others for their feedback but it would also help me give advice that's not directly influenced by others. I think its a great initiative as it helps me make decision on outfits and different looks specially when my girlfriends are not around to advise me :)
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@rachna_chauhan1 We’re excited to hear that you appreciate the private advice! The advice your provided is meant for you only and for the purpose of helping you make a confident decision.
Finally a place we can go for outfit advice!! :) I am a celebrity stylist who is on the STYL team and I love using the app when I have fittings with my clients as sometimes we can't decide what look to go with so we turn to STYL for our answers. I also use the app myself when I am out shopping! It is the best way to get quick fashion advice within seconds!
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@cary_robinson Cary your insight and guidance is invaluable crafting a solution that enables everyone to dress confidently, together in a comfortable and safe environment! You've helped us flip the solution on it's head so that even when people do not receive a positive reaction to an ASK, they understand to look at the upside and realize that they're no longer potentially making a purchasing or styling mistake!
Great app. I really like the fact how easily I can compare and and get opinions on two different outfits when dressing for different situations.
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@ritika_dalmia We’re glad you find the comparison ASK a valuable tool! During our rounds of early testing, our testers gave the comparison ASK option high marks for determining the right color and/or fit of an article of clothing that they were hesitant purchasing.