Stop SaaS churn by ensuring that billing info is current.

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I like that this is focused on one specific problem that has measurable value. If you can't provide an ROI to customers for these types of products, it's very hard to sell. Perhaps @SDMattG and Stunning could work together (see Hookfeed, posted here:
This is very cool. A narrow, but really important problem for SaaS companies. The $15B in rescued revenue seems like a stretch somehow...almost out of whack with the site and seeming newness of the product. There's only 1 testimonial. That's a LOT of revenue...
this is a really important problem
I remembered reading a post by @patio11 about a 10 minute implementation of dunning emails saving him thousands of dollars of lost revenue each year. Tried finding the article on Google, and found a blog post from Stunning recapping Patrick's experiment as well. I added both links above.
@byosko: Richard, Lead Developer of Stunning here: It's actually 15 million, not billion, and that number is indeed true. Some of our customers sell $600+ monthly subscriptions to auto dealerships around the country, for instance. That adds up. Stunning's been around since February of 2013, so it's not as new as it might seem :) @rrhoover: We definitely do try to show Stunning's value both to incoming potential customers (with the number on the homepage) and to current customers (we show how much revenue we've saved for them right on the top of their dashboard, and have breakdowns and the status of each delinquent user for each month). The numbers prove that Stunning has real value.