Stuff N Style

Personal fashion styling app for women

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Love this! Especially, since working in the startup world been trying to spend as little time as possible on deciding what to wear AND spend as little money as possible on clothing. This is SO SO much needed.
@geschehaas I'm glad you like the idea. Since using the app, I noticed that I was able to combine clothes in ways I've never thought of before, hence reduced the need to buy new clothes!
Stuff N Style is an app I created out of my personal need: struggling to put clothes together into something that look stylish. I constantly call/text/take picture to ask friends for advice, so I figure why not create an app to simplify that process.
@fashiongiik Girls will love this, just like in the movie Clueless. I have just thought another concept to help girls create their stuff-n-style by posting a picture (ex: a picture of an actress from a movie), then ask the community how to get these stuff.
@thaomnguyenz @fashiongiik Clueless was our inspiration. There is already an app for the idea you described: The Hunt - you should check it out!
This is awesome! I'm going through a process of culling my wardrobe in preparation for long-term travel (and as an exercise in minimalism), and had been thinking for a while that someone should make an app that allows you to mix and match your own closet so I can see what few items can be mixed up in the most stylish outfits. Anyway, great work hanh!
@nikkidurkin99 Thank you! Let me know if you have any feedback for us:
I've been trying to work on a capsule wardrobe (thank you wardrobe planner), and spend less time picking out clothes, and still look like an adult. Can't wait to photograph my stuff and finally live out my 20-year-long Clueless wardrobe fantasy! :)
@jadetran we have innovating ways to add clothes to your digital closet, like forwarding email receipt to get stuff added to your digital closet. We've also partnered with Shopify stores so when you buy clothes from our partner stores, your clothes will automatically added to your digital closet - perfect for a lazy person like me! Love any feedback that you would have for us, my email:
I wish I would have had this last month when I spent several, stressful weeks shopping for an upscale business conference in Mexico. Understated black with mixed metallics? Beach chic in fiesta colors? Help!