Stuff I Need to Remember

Remember the best stuff you’ve already forgotten.

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How does it work? Will it be pushes, emails? Can't understand.
@perpetuous Emails. You add whatever it is that you feel you need to remember, like working on mindfulness, being nicer to an employee, whatever it might be -- and you'll receive email reminders periodically to keep you on track.
Hey guys, (and thanks for hunting this Joe) I built this thing for all of us who read too many books and collect too many ideas ("build things that people will miss when they're gone, take more cold showers, measure twice, cut once"). I keep reading great books or posts with great ideas and I keep forgetting to put them into action because they don't really belong on a task list. So, the idea is you list a handful of thoughts / ideas / snippets that you should be considering and it pings you with an email randomly through the week and keeps the thought or idea in the front of your mind as you work. Let me know if you have any questions!
Stuff I Need to Remember (SINTR) is better that tattooing yourself to recapture lost memories while trying to avenge a loved one. Not only is the latest development from Terry G a great way to periodically remind oneself of what's truly important, I find it so much easier on the skin, where space is at a premium. SINTR is currently free and ridiculously easy to use for your next productivity hack.
Cool. Feature request: add new stuff via iOS system share
@kkdub Great idea. I'll add it to the roadmap.