A platform for invitations to private and public events.

Stuff is a platform for your digital invitations, public and private.

It’s a simple browser and email interface that keeps you on top of what public events you could attend - and it keeps you updated on the private events which shouldn’t be missed. It's great for both guests and organizers. Period.

  • Mik Strøyberg
    Mik StrøybergLemonsqueeze

    Beautifully wrapped and great to have an invite platform outside of FB.


    Easy stage still.

    I've been looking for a place to easy navigate invitations for my private gatherings and events with my company without luck. Stuff is my new go-to place!

    Mik Strøyberg has used this product for one day.
  • Jeppe Morgenthaler
    Jeppe MorgenthalerCustomer Success Professional

    Not married to Facebook Events


    Needs more eyes

    I love that you can go away from Facebook events and include ALL friends in your event

    Jeppe Morgenthaler has used this product for one month.
Stuff looks very artistic! Congrats on your PH listing @thomaskenne @simonschultz We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Stuff at please PM me at for more details if interested
Just played with it, and love the simplicity. Quick thought/ you continue to build, and get all these feature requests, how do you think you can keep the core simplicity alive? Also...what are you most excited to build into Stuff next?
@aaron_cohn Thank you for the feedback. Saying "no" helps a lot. There is a reason why I have always been nick named "the grumpy man" on all products I have lead. Secondly only having features that adds to our core strategy and value props. We are most excited about ironing out all bumps to integrate smoothly with your preferred calendar tool while also building a few awesome features to organizers of events.
Hey Product Hunters Today we are officially launching Stuff - a simple browser and email interface for your digital invitations to private and public events. Everyone can use Stuff for private invitations - and maybe even add invitations and events to their favorite calendar tool. For public events we are initially focusing on the cities where we are residing - New York City and Copenhagen. More will follow. We have built Stuff because the past 12 months have shown a need to break up larger platform to improve transparency and privacy. And to help people spend time on stuff that really matters. I have created this invitation to an imaginary event - feel free join: Tonight’s tickets to the Charlotte Gainsbourg concert has been passed on, and I will be roaming Producthunt instead. So any questions or feedback is more than appreciated.