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Welcome to Study the Blockchain's one month part-time online bootcamp where you will roll up your sleeves and build, hands on, from conception to deployment, your very own decentralized application (DApp) on the Ethereum blockchain using the Solidity smart contract programming language.

You'll be guided by real blockchain engineers.

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Peter Gold
Peter GoldMaker@crimson07comsci · Co-Founder
Thank you @theyexperience for hunting us! Hi everyone, I created this blockchain developer bootcamp to help people roll up their sleeves, build and launch DApps (decentralized apps). This bootcamp is all online, rigorous, has live instruction, tons of group work, and ends with students presenting their DApps to the blockchain community. Our instructors are top notch blockchain engineers with computer science backgrounds who made their own DApps (decentralized apps) on the ethereum blockchain. Throughout each class we will ● Discuss when to make an app decentralized and when not to ● Constantly build decentralized applications ● Go over code in small groups ● Debug smart contract coding problems ● Create user interface for blockchain applications ● Go over deployment ● Go over Smart Contract best practices, testing, optimizing code to reduce gas expenditure ● Go over security best practices Our bootcamp spans a month of work and a lifetime of opportunity and connections. Post graduation, keep in touch and network with alum in a telegram chat some of the technologies that we cover are Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Ganache, OpenZeppelin, Storj, IPFS, Uport, Securify, Remix, Metamask Our first inaugural class starts May 4th 2018 and is 50% off. Enroll, before we run out of spots. https://www.studytheblockchain.c... And ask anything you'd like to me!