Snap a photo of your homework and get help.

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Select your subject, take a photo of your homework problem, and connect to a tutor eager to help you over voice chat and a live one-way blackboard. For all high school levels of math, chemistry, and physics!
Hey everyone, glad I caught this early, and thank you Kevin for posting! Studyhub is pretty much what the tagline says: "snap a photo of your homework and get help" - not much jargon there. We have two helpful and friendly tutors who are online every day and cover all high school levels of math, chemistry, and physics. Unlike some other popular mobile tutoring services, Studyhub is not just a text chat. Our tutors are set up with mics and Wacom tablets and can fully converse with students while even drawing out solutions. The app is made to be as fast and easy to use as possible (try it). The only hurdle to posting questions is buying minutes, but I'd be happy to throw some freebies in the way of anyone on Product Hunt who would like to try our tutoring for themselves/their children.
Cool idea, but I'm pretty much sure that after the last AI boom it's not impossible to see something like that done automatically (eg. Photomath App)
@artur_arseniev There are definitely cases where robots can do the job, but I think the majority of the time when students are struggling with a problem or concept they are still better served working with a real human on it.
@1k totally agree 👍 I was just pointing out some concepts with this kind of app. For example, the tutor could already see the solution thanks to AI and its task would be explain it to the student in case it's not clear
@1k as a high student student, I totally agree that have an actual teacher beats an AI. If only this service had something for computer science then I'd be signing up.