Student reviews to find the right course to study

study101 wants to provide you with useful information to help you make an educated decision about your future. The info you’ll find on study101 comes straight from students and graduates who have reviewed and rated courses.

When we need help with making tough decisions, we ask for advice and seek out info from people who have been there.

study101 is focussed on tertiary courses in Australia. It's a large industry in Australia - educating international students is the 3rd largest export in Australia (behind iron ore and coal). We've gathered thousands of student reviews and gaining some really great insights to help future students. Any feedback about design, product ideas, etc, more than welcome. Thanks, Andy
@andy_knight1 Congrats on launching! It would be cool if you could give more detail about what the subject topics are especially if you're coming to this as a teen / young adult still learning about what Economics is for example. Its also very text heavy form a design perspective - some visuals like graphics or animation would make it more eye catching.
Awesome - that's really great feedback. Thank you @abadesi The topics definitely need more info! I'm hoping to collaborate with a few people to add some shortly. The graphics/animations are something we have been putting off but will definitely tackle very shortly. We will also be balancing the content side of things as well. Again, thank you so much for your feedback!!!!