Study Bunny

A motivational productivity study timer to stay focused!

With the help of an adorably studious bunny by your side, gamify your studying to earn items and music for your bunny, time your sessions and record it on a colorful tracker, and use other helpful in-app study tools to help you focus and get work done!
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks Chris @chrismessina for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt Community! Thanks for checking us out! What is Study Bunny? Study Bunny is a focus timer that motivates you to get work done, rewarding you with in-game coins which you can use to purchase items for your very own bunny. Our goal is to make an all-in-one free app with helpful study tools, positive reinforcement and study gamification to help students succeed. We are constantly updating the app to add new items and features. We’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations to improve the app! With the Study Bunny app, you can: X time your study sessions, X record your time on a colorful study tracker, X use the To Do list, X quiz yourself with flashcards X buy items for your bunny, X listen to music, X enable Happy Meter mode to animate your bunny, X save your progress to the cloud You can also check us out on the web at for a full tutorial on how to use the app. Best, Study Bunny team P.S. Use code “producthunt” in Settings to unlock an exclusive Product Hunt tumbler for your bunny. Once you input the code, restart the app, then go to the item store (click the shopping cart), then look for the pizza icon to get to the food section of the store, where you will see the tumbler! Code valid until May 1, 2020.
I would like to know how this product is conceptually different from the forest app. There it stops you from accessing any other selected apps during focus time
@pratik_kr2008 Study Bunny does not penalize users from using their phones because many students use their phones to study. Instead we use a self-accountability mode where you pause your session when you are distracted. You start to lose coins if you pause for too long. The idea is to study with your bunny but the concept is to mainly use positive reinforcement to let you buy whatever you want for your very own bunny. The app and all its tools are free, especially the color-coded study tracker which is great for managing time.
Use this app for 6 months! Easy to use, helps keeping motivation. Also cute and simple :)
@july_marsel_ thank you! We're glad it helps!
It's awesome and so addictive so that you can't study without this app after a while. It has some bugs like counting time when you totally turned off the timer. It says for example you're on reading mode after 4 h. Another problem is that you can't play two sounds at the same time for example I love to hear the rain sound with the firecracks sound together.
@rozita_rahimi Thanks! In stopwatch mode, after 5 hours the timer stops to remind you that you are in a study session, because many people forget to turn off the timer and end up with lots of coins and hours logged by accident (both of which you can delete in the event this occurs). Music files can't be played simultaneously but with the addition of more ambient sounds this is something we can revisit. Thanks for your suggestions!