Chillout tunes and inspiration

Studiowave is a vibe machine for offices, studios and those who need focus. It mixes great instrumental beats with inspirational speeches to make your brain juice go fuzzy.

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Hey hunters! And thanks @mutlu82 😀 Studiowave is a fun experiment we've been working on over the past couple of weeks. The idea came about after playing some youtube videos of speeches and lo-fi sounds at the same time, and discovering how easy it was for them to sound just right together. So we got cracking to make a tool that can recreate the magic for everyone. It's been great bringing it all together, and I'm really looking forward to you guys trying it out. Cheers! And let me know what you guys think.
Haha, I really like this. I'll be listening to this all day.
@rrhoover Thanks so much, Ryan! Glad you enjoy

We've had this playing in the office all morning. I like how I kind of phase in and out of listening to the speeches. Positive vibes, good work lads.


Extremely good, positive vibes for the office!



Thanks sir. Thinking of maybe adding a ‘submit’ button for speeches and beats. Think that would be something you guys would use?
Thanks Marty

Cool concept for a one page app, works as expected.


Great idea, works really well


none really!

Would love for this to be an Alexa skill!!!


Surprisingly good for productivity. This thing just works!


Sometimes the speeches are tooooo interesting and i stop working - that's my problem though, i guess.