An intuitive homework planner for students

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Hello Everyone, My name is Guled. I’m a mobile app developer and front end developer. I have a passion to build the most useful apps, software, and widgets imaginable. My current endeavor includes creating productivity apps with design and functionality in mind. After 6 months of hard work, patience, listening to countless of startup podcasts, and determination I finished creating my first IOS application—Studious ( The idea behind this app came up during a brainstorming session in my apartment near my university. I noticed how I would always print out my schedule during the first week of school only to find out that that I’d lose it a couple of days later. I also disliked constantly writing on a university themed homework planner made of deteriorating, coffee stain prone paper. Not only that, the planner itself, depending on your universities homework planner publisher, adds on weight to your already heavy backpack. In addition to these problems I had bad handwriting and so Studious was born. Studious, at it’s current stage, has the ability to manage your assignments, exams, short notes, and your professors emails all in one place. The app also allows you to set reminders on each and every assignment, email your professors, and contact me whenever you have a suggestion for the app. Studious, unlike other homework planner apps, will be an ongoing project. This includes weekly updates (version 1.31 is already on it's way), support from me via email, and, as my IOS skill set grows, I will enhance the UI for better readability, enjoyment, and usability. I will strive for this project until I and all students across the globe see fit that this app serves it’s purpose and enhances the lives of all those who use it. I’d like to give credit to my family for always being by my side to support me in my goals. Thank you Mustaf and Khalid for helping shape this app to what it looks like today, thank you to all my coworkers for their advice, and thank you Justin for giving me this opportunity. I'd like to also thank the ProductHunt team.
This is a great and beautiful app, and it seems useful to separate everything about your student life away from our connected Google/Wunderlist/Evernote stuff. I'm on Android though sadly, so I can't help you test, but good luck!
@linkchef Hello Jacob. First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. I'm currently working on improving and refining my IOS skill set, but as soon as this app is also available on the Apple Watch. I'll be working on putting the app on Android. :)
I love this. integrating hw with gcal/wlist/notes has never worked. i've always felt school needs its own unique scaffolding, can't wait to try this in two weeks! good luck :)
@rometty_ Thank you Jack. I appreciate it. :)
Beautiful app. Waiting for the android version :)
@aditya_shirole Thank you for your kind words Aditya. I'll work hard to get the app on as many platforms as possible. :)
What a useful app!
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