Studiotime Chatbot

First Messenger bot to help you find and book a music studio

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Max Pelzner
Co-Founder, GHOST PXL
Hey Product Hunters! Last year we launched our site, which quickly got known for as the Airbnb for music studios. In a short amount of time, we now have over 1,200 unique listings in more than 25 countries! In an effort to create a novel experience and quicker way to find and book studio time, I had to travel to the future. πŸš€ After safely returning home, and a couple of late nights, I'm excited to announce the launch of our Studiotime Chatbot - making it easier for you to find and book studio time, right from Messenger. πŸ€– This was a fun side project for me over the weekend, so I’d love to hear feedback/comments from others who have launched chatbots. 😊 *Thanks @mattprd for testing this out on the Chatbots Magazine Livestream and sharing your positive feedback!
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Matt Schlicht
CEO of Octane AI
Very straightforward chatbot! I recently tested this chatbot live on the Let's Bot show. It's a very easy way to discover and book a studio. My only wish is that I could actually book the studio without leaving the bot to go to a webpage. Can't wait to see it evolve.
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