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#5 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2018

Studiotime helps artists discover and book studios all around the world. From home studios, podcast studios, to some of the most exclusive studios in the world, Studiotime allows creatives to easily access studios and create.

Yo Product Hunters, excited for our big launch of Studiotime 2.0 today and thanks to @bentossell for hunting us! 👋 It’s been nearly 3 years since I first built Studiotime and launched it on Product Hunt, so I’m excited to share that the new and improved Studiotime 2.0 is finally here (and long overdue). Here’s a quick recap of Studiotime from the initial idea moment 3 years ago to where it is now as the largest online community of music studios in the world: 💡🛠️🚀 I built the first MVP for Studiotime in an evening, didn’t think to much about it, then launched on Product Hunt. Within weeks we had hundreds of studios signup, we were picked up by international press (Hypebeast, Fader, Forbes, etc), and quickly scaled to what is now the largest online community of music studios in the world. 💸📈🆕 After a few years of bootstrapping Studiotime, testing revenue models (various subscription & commission), and truthfully getting a bit distracted (personally) from running the business, I've finally focused more on it and been able to create a sustainable and profitable bootstrapped marketplace. We've been reinvesting the profits back into the business and the new Studiotime 2.0 marketplace platform (which is built on Sharetribe Flex and extensively modified). Here’s what’s new with Studiotime 2.0 👇 ✅New name and logo! We're now Studiotime™️. No more being called "", StudioTime, etc. ✅Totally new design & look ✅Studios all around the world in 35+ countries ✅Podcast studios added ✅Premium verified studios program to curate some of our most unique and popular studios on Studiotime ✅Top-line and some of the world’s most exclusive studios (some only available on Studiotime) like one's where Kanye, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and more have recorded! ✅Services such as engineering/producers available as options for studio bookings ✅User verifications, Studiotime booking best practices, and more to increase trust in our community of artists, producers, studios, and all others part of our community! I’ve also shared quite a bit on my YouTube about how I’ve built and been running Studiotime. Studiotime 2.0 would not be where it’s at today without everyone’s support here on Product Hunt. I can’t thank everyone enough and as you can imagine, today is the biggest day yet for Studiotime so I appreciate the continued support, feedback, and helping spread the word! I’ll be here today to answer any questions! 👊 PS: A special thanks goes out to the Studiotime team @justin_garza1 and then all the awesome contributors to Studiotime 2.0 @aurepa @kshitij_choudhary @jannetherobot @marc_precilla @sangfu @kusti, Vesa, and the rest of the Sharetribe team!
I needed a solution for my podcast and StudioTIme is perfect for me.
@jlbellefeuille1 glad we can help with the new addition of our podcast studios! Message me if you need any recommendations or help.
That's a really neat idea. Can it also be used for band rehersal rooms?
@metakermit yes, we do have some rehearsal rooms!
What's new in studiotime 2.0?
@aaronoleary I answered this above!
Congratulations, Mike!! Big fan 😄
@juannikin thanks dude and always appreciate your support!