Studio lets you enjoy boutique group running classes that pair the world’s best instructors with a killer playlist. Take class on a treadmill or outside at anytime that’s convenient for you. Compete in real-time on our leaderboard against runners from across the world. Earn Fitcoin with every class to level up and unlock prizes.

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Hello ProductHunt Fam! Our mission at Studio has always been to make fitness more accessible. Our belief is that you shouldn't have to pay $4,000 for a piece of equipment or $35 a class to experience the world's best instructors. Six months ago we started on this mission with our treadmill classes that have been experienced by over 50,000 members ... but that's not good enough. It still requires a gym membership, a piece of equipment, and being shackled to the indoors when you might want some fresh air. That's why today, we're announcing group running classes that you can take outside - it only requires a smart phone, running shoes, and a desire for a little adventure. Here's how they work. Outdoor classes will be categorized as "Universal" difficulty. What does universal mean? Whether you're a beginner runner or advanced runner, these classes are for you. Instead of using specific speeds, we'll be calling out five specific paces: walk, jog, run, sprint, and recovery. We'll be releasing at least 3 new outdoor runs per week, in addition to the 2 treadmill runs you know and love. Would love for you to give us a try as we have a two week free trial. -Jason
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This is awesome. Have been waiting for outdoor to happen. The "Universal" difficulty is an interesting concept. How did you arrive at it? Were there alternatives you were considering? Also...would you ever consider creating outdoor courses based on popular running routes in major cities (i.e. along rivers or certain parks?) With a set starting point and a map. Feel like that could be next level cool too.
@aaron_cohn Thanks Aaron! For treadmill, we have beginner/intermediate/advanced. That was dictated by speed ranges and incline ranges. With running outdoors, you can't set your pace to a certain speed easily. So universal is based upon: walk, jog, run, sprint There's a lot we want to do with location. Stay tuned :)

I have become such a better runner since I started using Studio!!!


Great, fun and motivating classes


I once had trouble connecting to the interactive leaderboard, however I think that had to do with my apple watch.