Studio SF 24 / 360

24 hour non stop art using 360 cam. Because V R artists.

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Some tech detail. Cam: Ricoh Theta S 360. Streaming software: OBS on Mac OS.
In order to see video in 3D mode you should use Chrome or Firefox browser.
Good night Product Hunt! So exited to finally expose this - 24 hour non stop stream using 360 degree camera, DSLR and other sources. This is happening right now! Why I post this here. Because I see this as a product, or MVP, or proof-of-concept of something big, like TV channel. We are creating a platform for pretty much everybody who is willing to say something vital to the world, showcase some art, do a live art / jamming, teach, including coding skills, entrepreneurship, philosophy, marketing, survival, permaculture etc... So tonight / today we are starting. You are welcome to join virtually or in person (in SF, @rrhoover?). Stay tuned!