Studio In A Box

A complete interactive video studio in a box

#2 Product of the DayJune 27, 2015
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Two years ago we launched our first product, TouchCast for the iPad. To celebrate, we've created this Studio in A Box, which contains everything you need to create your own video studio: a green screen, lav mic, 2 handgrip/tripods, and 3 mobile device holders. Paired with the TouchCast app, you can create interactive videos with different backgrounds and 3-D virtual sets, titles, whiteboarding, filters, sound effects, the world's first green-screen stabilization technology e-for handheld green-screen recording (using the gyroscope on your phone), and (coming soon) multi-cam support so you can shoot with your iPhone or another remote camera and record on your iPad. We often get asked how to set up a green screen studio for an iPad. Well, now all you need is in this box. Taking pre-orders starting today.
@erickschonfeld congrats on the launch! how did you settle on a price of $45?
@eriktorenberg The pre-order price is $49 (half of the eventual retail price of $99). We wanted to give early supporters a great deal. The $99 price is really the lowest we could manufacture, package, and distribute it for. If you tried to assemble all these components yourself, you would spend 2X-3X that amount. You could easily spend $50-$150 on the green screen alone. Our goal here is to give people the tools to create high quality TouchCast videos. We just want people to make better videos and to show them that it doesn't take that much to step up their game.
This is cool. That's all.
Really cool.
Very interesting, especially at $45. When is delivery expected to be?
@msitver All the parts for our first batch of 200 boxes have already been ordered from a manufacturer in China. We expect to start shipping in a few weeks.
Great product by a great team!