Studio Dental

Dental office on wheels that will visit you at work

I think the problem this solves is the half day of work I will miss for one filling. If they could do it in an hour and I didnt have to miss time thats a great benefit!
I hate the dentist, and tomorrow I have to have a cavity filled. It really will eat a large part of my day (pun intended).
is this really solving a problem - how lazy can we be?
The more Uber-for-X startups that pop up the more I realize Uber solved a 2 sided market problem. The service makes the car service experience better for the consumer but just as importantly it makes the experience better for the driver. I wonder if an Uber-for-Dentists in anyway makes it a better experience for the Dentists. They usually don't have trouble getting clients. It's more efficient for people to come to them. They are more in control of how hygienic the office is. Maybe I'm wrong... I don't know a ton about dentistry but I just have a healthy dose of skepticism when an Uber-for-X only seems to solve one side of the market.
Saw this last week or something... may try it. I know @Stammy used it once already I think.