Student Loan Hero is the smartest way to pay off student loans

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Many people have student loans including friends of mine. I've heard how confusing it can be to figure out the best way to tackle your loans. Student Loan Hero has designed a slick tool that syncs all of your student loan data, and then builds a repayment plan with several action lists to help pay off your student loans faster. It looks like a quality product that's much needed and they have a great mission.
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@hnshah thanks for sharing Hiten! : )
Hey all! I'm the CEO of Student Loan Hero - happy to see we made our way to PH! : ) This week we rolled out a completely revamped product with the following features: 1) My Loan Dashboard. We redesigned the loan dashboard — it's faster, cleaner, and easier to sync and track all your student loans in one place. Also, you can now sync student loan data from 6 different servicers — and we're adding more on a weekly basis. 2) Repayment Plan. This new feature helps determine if you're eligible for certain repayment programs, such as Income-Based Repayment, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, refinancing, and more. You'll also receive a step-by-step list to put your plan into action. 3) Federal Consolidation Tool. Applying for a Direct Loan Consolidation can be confusing. This tool makes it easy to fill out and submit your consolidation application and enroll in an income-driven repayment if you want. Submit your application electronically and for free. 4) Calculators. Who doesn't love calculators? ;) Run the numbers on several student loan repayment options to figure out the best plan of attack. Let me know if you have any questions - happy to answer! Cheers, Andy Josuweit
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@josablack Hey folks, at one time I used a similar micro-credit while studying at College. I can't say anything bad about them although loans are always a little slavery if I may say so. Now I only choose loans with rates no more than 2 percent such as here and only in rare cases. I've known since College that it's best not to mess with them unnecessarily and use them only in extreme cases when there are no other options.
As someone who just graduated with 42K in debt, thank you for making this.
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@gabriel__lewis #awesomesauce - always interested in feedback! Feel free to email directly if any: andrew(at)
Navigating the gov sites to fill out all the forms for income-based/ refinancing can be extremely confusing. Does this site take care of that and submit the forms to the federal sites on your behalf? Trying to navigate this process with a non technical parent can prove difficult.
@_kylewinton Yep! Our new federal Consolidation tool helps you apply for a Direct Loan Consolidation and can simultaneously enroll you in an Income Driven Repayment plan, such as IBR, PAYE, ICR, Extended Repayment, etc. After guiding your through the process, our app will automagically submit the forms electronically to your servicer. You can check out this feature here: https://secure.studentloanhero.c...
So cool to see this product that is solving a major problem grow and mature with new feature sets. Big ups to Andy and the team.
@organicthirty thanks so much Salim!