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Hello ProductHunt! I'm Amrith, the creator of Student Kit; a curated directory of resources & tools to help lighten the workload on students. Well, It's basically Startup Stash and Marketing Stack for Students.. Student Kit aims to save valuable time of students like me who spend our time in searching for quality resources; so I decided to build this myself. Please let me know your thoughts below and forgive the poor coding (basically Tumblr) done by a 16 y/o. :)
@ambonium You should add the GitHub Student Pack ;)
@jpvalery That's in popular demand :D I have done that already FYI :)
A 16 year old Amrith got inspired by Startup Stash and Marketing Stack and decided to help the student community.
@neerajt4 Thanks a lot @neerajt :') Thanks a lot :D
@ambonium All the best! :)
All the best Amrith. Way to go :) wish we had something like this 10years back :) more power to you :)
Great idea. I have added it into my Back to School Collection
@robertwilliger Thank you so much for giving me more resources to post on Student Kit ;)
Lot's of great tools in here Amrith, as a fellow student I appreciate you putting this together!
@peterjdonoghue Thank you :) And do tell me what resources you use so I can feature it on Student Kit as well :)