Airbnb for student accommodations

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great domain name!
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Reminds me of . Any differences?
I can't figure out if this is short-term vacation rentals ("Stress-free Booking") or 9-month-long housing ("Find accommodation near your university"). They charge per-week, which doesn't make sense for longer-term rentals. But they keep referring to being "close to your studies" all over the site.
We've been fascinated by the rise of shared and unique accommodations for different verticals, from family-focused units (@kidandcoe) to luxury (@onefinestay). What's unique about is that the marketplace fills a massive void for students both studying abroad or even in cases like here in NYC, lack of inventory for to live in. To see the problem, the NYT ran a recent story detailing how NYU solves this by partnering w. local hotels:
I don't know why it has to be called as Irrelevant to the concept of the site. And one can easily debate it as a name-bait. Nevertheless, a needed one.