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that Product Hunt t-shirt looks... interesting Are all the t-shirts just made up by the company or actually sourced and official from the startups they feature?
@bentossell I'm seconding this question.
@bentossell From what I was told they are sourced directly through the companies using their artwork and brand guidelines.
@bentossell Yes! The shirts/art are directly from the startups we work with. For instance, the PH art was provided to us with instructions on what shirts/color to print.
Looks cool but I can't find on the site what kind of t-shirts are being used. It is also a little pricey for two t-shirts a month when many startups give away free t-shirts all the time.
@rdbrdd I agree. I could probably buy all the startup Tshirts I want for $40. Some startups will even send you free shirts if you email them. I would maybe sign up if it was $15 or less.
@zuppadisange @rdbrdd We are definitely considering selling a 1 shirt box for around $15. Something you'd be into? We do not expect a startup to cover the costs of hundreds or thousands of shirts - they are expensive to make and ship, especially for a startup on a budget. We are exploring ways for the startup to pay some of the cost, and consumers to pay some of the cost, to bring the price down for both....but honestly, as a startup ourselves, we hoped to keep it free for startups as long as possible. Promoting a startup is hard, and we are trying to provide them an affordable way to grow.
@chris_lawson @zuppadisange Yeah I totally understand your position on the need to keep the barrier of entry low for startups. I think that major key to your growth. $15 a month is a lot easier to digest too.
Thank you all. I am the co-founder of (Startup with an Extra Tee, get it?), and really appreciate the Hunt and your feedback. Thank you Elliot Volkman @thejournalizer. Our goal is to give early adopters a new way to discover startups, and startups a new way to reach early adopters with a reason to check out the startup. Many startups have t-shirts to promote their product or service, but many don't. Outside of conferences (that many can't afford to attend) there are not many outlets to promote or distribute their shirts, especially if they are a startup that is relatively unknown. Sttartup is the only online marketplace for startup swag of it's kind. Additionally, we started the subscription box product so that we could help promote unknown startups to early adopters they might not have otherwise been discovered. Promotion for startups on Sttartup is free. We do ask startups that have shirts to provide us the first few (if they have them), the art, and additional incentive to get subscribers to check out the startup. For example, the startup will provide something like a coupon for a 3 month trial, or as Elliot mentioned in his story, a free bottle of BBQ sauce from a craft sauce startup. Our service is about discovery for an audience that supports the startup community. Most startups cannot afford to give us unlimited shirts for free, so we screen print the shirts, box and ship at no cost to the startup. We produce the same quality of shirt as the startup sends us or asks us to. The price works out to $19.50 per shirt including free shipping, which includes a high quality shirt (usually American Apparel), free shipping, and an incentive that is usually worth much more than $39. Most free startup t-shirts are given away at conferences, but a lot of startup enthusiasts worldwide can not afford to go attend events that cost $500 - $2000 per ticket to be able to get those "free" shirts. Plus, a lot of people (like me) like startup swag - and we wanted to provide a way for people to get their hands on those shirts. Thanks all! p.s. We are running a special SXSW promotion, where new subscribers get a Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty shirt for free if they join before the end of SXSW (March 20th). Also, use 10OFF to get an additional 10% of your first box.
I really dig what these guys are doing. Essentially they will feature two new startups each month, tell you about who they are and what they are doing, and some incentives to try out their product or service. Here is my interview and some other details
I'm with @rdbrdd on this. I know plenty of startups with more t-shirts than users that'd be happy to throw a few t-shirts at a program like this. But the price is simply too high. Half of my wardrobe is free startup t's I got at hackathons and meetups, and 75% of those t's are companies that don't exist anymore. In essence, they've become great gym shirts. Personally, I'd never pay for them, but some people are into rocking that sort of thing.
@rueter @rdbrdd It seems like people do not really mind if the startup has gone extinct as long as the shirt is super cool. I actually got this idea because the company whose shirt I was wearing had been acquired, and I was worried that I couldn't get my hands on another shirt from them post acquisition.