STRYVE Keychain for runners

Slim, lightweight, stylish and easy to carry while running.

Keys and money securely stored in one place at ease. The STRYVE Keychain for runners: A high-quality design piece and helpful device for everyday situations. Slim, lightweight, stylish and comfortably in your hand and pocket. The best yet — due to its magnets, a functional key solution for your run. A must-have accessory for sports and lifestyle.

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Hey Everybody. I'm the maker of the keychain and together with a small team of designers we put 1 1/2 years of work into this little daily helper. We tested it so your key won't ever fall out (I promise), we chose the best materials and made it look as beautiful as possible. The keychain for runners has cost me a year of my life... I thought, dreamed and sweated keychains to bring peace to the people who love to go out for a run! In my life it's the only time where I can truly be for myself and not think about the many things going on. It's just me, my shoes and I. If you feel the same way or if you know anyone who loves to clear his mind or just goes out for a run occasionally than please share and up vote our product. Our Kickstarter is going on for 3 more days so we need you... Please, ask me anything! Thanks and the very best, Lennart and the Team here at STRYVE
Taking your keys with you for a run is a real pain in the arse. Seems like a solution that finally can solve this issue. Like the new ring technology!
@sammyschuckert Hi Sammy... Big THANKS for hunting us! We are thrilled to be here! Let's kick it and have a lot more people enjoy their run!